USTA Captain Guide

Captain's Guide for USTA League Teams

This captain's guide will help both new and experienced captains handle the challenges of captaining USTA tennis league teams. It has been developed by USTA captains with extensive local league, sectional championship, state tournament, and national championship experience.

Sections include:

  • Challenges of being a captain.
  • Filling a USTA team roster.
  • Creating a roster.
  • Dealing with players
  • Dealing with other captains and opponents
  • How to win


Challenges Of Being A Tennis League Team Captain

Being a tennis captain is hard. The challenges of captaining a league tennis team include.

  • Recruiting and retaining team members: Captains may have difficulty finding and keeping players for their team, especially if the league is highly competitive or the schedule conflicts with other commitments such as family, travel, and other league tennis teams or tennis tournaments.
  • Team practices: Captains often need to coordinate practices, clinics, and court reservations, which can be time-consuming and require strong communication skills.
  • Scheduling conflicts: Players may have scheduling conflicts that make it difficult to attend practices or matches, and captains may need to work with their team members to find solutions that work for everyone.
  • Team dynamics: Captains need to maintain a positive team environment and address any conflicts or issues that arise among team members.
  • League rules and regulations: Captains need to be familiar with league rules and regulations and ensure that their team complies with them.
  • Injuries and other unexpected events: Captains need to be prepared to handle injuries or other unexpected events that may occur during practices or matches.

Filling A USTA Team Roster.

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