July 31, 2017

Florida Sectionals - 40 & Over 3.5 and 4.5

Championship Event Results vs TLA Team Ratings

Florida Section Championships for adult 40+ 3.5 and 4.5 at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona wrapped up yesterday. How did the teams with the strongest Tennis League Analytics ratings do? Read on.

USTA adult tennis league statistics stats

In the Finals:

In Women’s 4.5, Hillsborough, the top rated team, won 4-1 over SMD #5, as expected. The top rated teams placed at the top with the only surprise that Duval that finished 0-3.

In Men’s 4.5, The top four rated teams performed exactly as expected in the flights with the top rated team in each flight winning the flight. We wrote last week that we expected Pinellas and Duval to be very close - and it was with both teams tied in wins/losses. SMD #4 won 4-1 over Pinellas #1.

In Women’s 3.5 This 21-team field was interesting for several reasons. Orange Seminole won vs. South Miami Dade (SMD) 3-2. TLA showed Orange Seminole as the 6th strongest team in the 21-team event. SMD was 13th and fought through the toughest flight. We stated last week that the team to come out of Flight 2 was the “team to watch out for” and SMD certainly proved that point though was not the team we expected.

We expected Broward to finish higher but did not play their top singles player and seemed to play a small set of the team. In their first match they lost four 3rd set tiebreakers and then played the same players the same day, losing another close match. SMD had a favorable schedule, playing the stronger teams once those teams had been eliminated.

Collier won their flight as expected. Volusia finished 4-1 but was in the same flight as Orange Seminole, the overall winner.

In Men’s 3.5, Broward won vs. Alachua 3-2. TLA showed Alachua as the #1 team, Broward #9, so we expected Alachua to win. Broward’s singles players went 10-0 with a default in a match they won 3-2 - nicely done Broward singles players.

Congratulations to the new section champions!

July 22, 2017

Florida Sectionals - Adult 40 & Over 3.5 / 4.5+

Strongest Teams by Championship Event and Flights

Florida Section Championships for 40 & Over, 3.5 and 4.5+ will be played this July 28 to July 30 at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona.

USTA tennis league stats

Sectionals are a lot of fun with great camaraderie and competition. All the teams are good and any team has a chance to beat any other team. Our July 12 post turned out to be very accurate. Here are the teams that look the strongest for 3.5 and 4.5+.

Women’s 3.5
21 teams in 4 flights

Top teams:
1. Pinellas
2. Broward
3. Collier
4. Volusia
5. Alachua
6. Orange Seminole

Flight 1: Collier
Flight 2: Pinellas and Broward - toughest flight, the winner of this flight is the team to watch out for!
Flight 3: Alachua
Flight 4: Volusia - the winner of this flight will have played one more match.

Women’s 4.5
9 teams in 2 flights

Top teams:
1. Hillsborough
2. Duval
3. Orange Seminole
4. Broward

Flight 1: Hillsborough - killer flight with the top 3 teams.
Flight 2: Broward

Men’s 3.5
13 teams in 3 flights

Top teams:
1. Alachua
2. Pinellas
3. Duval
4. Hillborough

Flight 1: Duval
Flight 2: Alachua
Flight 3: Pinellas - toughest flight. Has two of top four teams and is a 5-team flight.

This championship event will be interesting to watch. The top teams are close. The flights are fairly evenly balanced. But the winners of Flights 1 and 2 have better odds.

Men’s 4.5
11 teams in 3 flights.

Top teams:
1. Pinellas
2. Broward
3. Duval
4. SMD

Flight 1: Pinellas or Duval - only three teams but two of the top three.
Flight 2: SMD
Flight 3: Broward

The winner of Flight 1 will be tough to beat.


Flight Scouting reports are available on the Team Reports page for local leagues and championships. A sample report is available at this page.

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These links will make it easy to keep up with the results for these events by taking you directly to the team records for each flight in the sectional championship event: