Southern Sectional Championships - Adult 40 & Over 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5

Strongest Teams by Championship Event and Flights

Southern Section Championships for 40 & Over 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 Women and Men start July 27, 2018 at the Copeland-Cox Mobile Tennis Center.

Southern 3.5 4.0 4.5 USTA tennis league stats

When built in 2007, MTC was the largest public hard court tennis facility in the world. The size of the facility seems fitting since Southern is by far the largest USTA Section. TLA's April 27, 2018 post shows the size of each Section.

All the teams are very good and every team has a chance to beat any other team. Tennis League Analytics ranks the following teams as the strongest.

Women’s 3.5

Two flights - 9 teams overall.

Top teams:
1. NC
2. AR(A)
3. TN
4. AL
5. GA

The flights are unbalanced with three of the top four teams and a total of five teams in Flight A. TN or GA should have an easier time in Flight B and be more rested for the final.

Men’s 3.5

Two flights - 9 teams overall.

Top teams:
1. NC
2. TN
3. KY
4. GA
5. AL

Flight A has three of the top five teams and five teams total. Flight B should be easier with only four teams. The top two teams should make it to the final.

Women’s 4.0

Two flights - 10 teams overall.

Top teams:
1. AL(B)
2. LA(A)
3. MS
4. AL(A)
5. TN

There is not a lot of rating spread from top to bottom in this event so anything could happen. The host state has two teams in the top five. Flight B has the top two teams with #5 not far behind. Flight A has the easier draw. Scouting and smart decisions by captains should pay off in this event.

Men’s 4.0

Two flights - 10 teams overall.

Top teams:
1. GA(B)
2. GA(A)
3. AL(A)
4. TN
5. AR

GA boasts the top two teams and both should play in the final. Flight A will be the more challenging of the two.

Women’s 4.5

The Women's 4.5 draw consists of two flights - 10 teams overall.

Top teams:
1. GA
2. NC
3. AL
4. LA
5. TN

It would be surprising to see teams other than GA and NC in the final.

Men’s 4.5

Two flights - 8 teams overall.

Top teams:
1. NC
2. AL
3. GA
4. LA
5. AR

There are a lot of very strong teams in this 4.0 event. The tennis played should be excellent in most matches. But the top team will be hard to beat.

Flight Scouting reports are available on the Team Reports page for championship events and local leagues. A sample report is available here.

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