How to Fix Tennis Record

Win Loss Record is Wrong

USTA tennis records, also called match results or league win-loss records, are maintained by the USTA via the TennisLink score reporting system. The USTA requires team captains to enter match scorecards and suggests that the winning captain enter the score, although the Tennislink allows anyone from either team to enter scores. The key step is that the opposing team must confirm or dispute the score within 48-hours of when match results were entered.

Per USTA, once 48-hours passes, the right to dispute scores is no longer available.

Here's the relevant section from the 2022 USTA League Regulations:

1.04C(2) Official Score Reporting and Standings System.

TennisLink is the official system for reporting scores and providing standings for the USTA League. Each Section should establish deadlines and procedures for reporting scores in TennisLink. Unless otherwise established by a Section, the initial entry of match scores into TennisLink must take place within 48 hours of the completion of the match. After match scores have been entered in TennisLink, they must be confirmed by the opposing team within 48 hours of the initial entry or the initial score will automatically be considered valid.

Note that each section can establish deadlines for procedures for reporting scores. So players should check their section's regulations for differences.

What if a captain or another player makes an “honest mistake” that is not disputed by the opposing captain? Per the regs, the “score will automatically be considered valid”.

How often do you as a USTA league player check both the scores and names within 24 to 48 hours after each match, whether or not you played in the match? Probably not for every match.

And this lack of players checking their team's results after every match is what allows score hacking to occur. An unscrupulous captain will swap names when they don't want a winning player to risk a year-end rating bump-up to a higher level or when they want to qualify a player for district, state, or sectional championship play.

The best way for you, as a USTA tennis league player, to check that your match results have been entered correctly is to visit TennisLink at Enter the name you registered under (name use is a topic that will be covered in the future) in the Stats and Standings section, then click search. Players should check their team's scores within the dispute time limit indicated in their section's regulations.

The USTA could do a lot to prevent the use of wrong names by emailing the match results for every line to all members of each team.

So what options does a player have if they find a mistake after the dispute period ends?

You can always contact the league coordinator directly or through your captain. Each player will want to contemplate how their action will impact their team captain. Some sections reprimand a captain for wrong scores entered into TennisLink. The risk of reprimand or embarrassment may motivate some captains to not pursue a score correction.

Contact Tennis League Analytics with your questions about USTA ratings including how unscrupulous captains and players can hack the USTA rating system.